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National Educational Portal for Kenya NEPK. This is an initiative for Teachers by Teachers to help educators share Learning Materials, Lesson Plans amongst others to aid in the capacity development amongst Teachers. Teachers can occasionally get syllubus updates from this portal and ensure they are practicing using up to date materials.

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National ICT Innovation and Integration Center Launched

On 10 August 2011, the Minister for Education launched the National ICT Innovation and Integration Center, a facility established to help test and demonstrate new ICT tools before wider distribution for use by educationist. The Center also has a National ICT Helpdesk where schools can call, leave an online post or visit for guidance on any aspect of ICT. The facility host modern training facility that makes concept of ICT integration clear.

The Center also hosts the National Education Portal for teachers (http://www.elimuportal.net) and it National Helpdesk Portal (http://www.ni3c.net).


Sharing Resources and Events on the Portal

The Elimu Portal (NEPK) provides links to resources and events for teachers. A list of resources is being compiled and will soon be published for users to experience the power of information and collaboration.

Please follow the Mathematics For the Future camp at Maseno University.

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